Passionate lighting professionals, Flexalighting born to make a concrete approach to the world of LED lighting that started with the specific potential of new technologies by exploiting the size, the ability to manage color temperatures and color rendering, introducing elements of dynamism in the management of RGB light, we are building a world of devices which we have placed at the center of the performance and quality of light, with the utmost attention to quality mechanical and the preciousness of the finishes. 
Tools to respond most effectively to the needs of designers and installers to add light to the value of the spaces and architectural interiors and exteriors.


Davide Groppi

A journey started in the eighties to design and manufacture unique lights. An interest for technology and innovation and his care for design, his humanistic approach to the project, his international attitude, his awareness towards the social aspects of the business has driven Davide Groppi to built a brand and collection of unique lighting fixtures and continous devotion and experimental approach to new products leads to a special attention to his always interesting and different way of introducing novelties.



Founded as a workshop by Peter Straka, KAIA has created lighting objects since 2003. KAIA uses solid brass as a base material, applying the traditional craftsmanship of metal plating to all our lighting objects. KAIA design and produce four main ranges: Collection, Flame, Customize and Edition. KAIA COLLECTION lighting objects are mainly nickel plated.


Borman Lighting

Borman Lighting offers a range of LED lighting fixtures made in Italy and designed for retail applications: fixed and adjustable downlights and track projectors, where attention is focused on the research of the best quality of lighting emission and maximization of the performance.

Borman Lighting products distinguish themselves by the optical quality of a high-end architectural product: the use of high quality COB LEDs and extremely efficient and clean optics is complimented by an innovative concept of dissipation. Borman Lighting is founded on a company organization that offers the best support to worldwide customers, with fast delivery times and a responsive and professional consulting service.



Dominique Sente (Belgium) and Rudi Nijssen (the Netherlands), met in Antwerp when she was a goldsmith and he was an antique dealer. Their shared love of the beautiful and unusual was the stepping stone to their vision as they endeavored to create their own pieces. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the home furnishing industry, they founded Schwung Home. From the beginning, Schwung Home has striven to have cutting-edge and quality lighting, hand-crafted in Europe. Today the company operates out of an integrated designing and manufacturing facility in Poland. This local approach allows us to significantly shorten the product lead time and greatly improve quality control standards.



Creating Clara Viladecans Studio is a project that brings together many of the building blocks I have had in mind for many time. Through it, I want to give myself the opportunity to promote a more humanistic design world, where craft heritage, technology and social approaches fits all together. A union between craftsmanship, industrial research, innovation and technology without forgetting our responsibility towards our planet. Viladecans lamps are created with the intention of playing with shapes and materials without sacrificing quality and usability. It combines my spanish heritage with a contemporary feminine spirit, translating her inspirations into a timeless and mediterranean design, represented in local materials as blown glass and hand curved metals, consciously handcrafted one by one. Our italian and spanish factories have been chosen in order to guarantee a sustainable production with high-quality workmanship. My goal is to continue creating, designing and crafting beautiful and sustainable products, made in Europe.



Genk, Belgium. Electronic enthusiasts makes Eden Design a great manufacturer of high end lighting fixtures for project. The key word for Eden Design is custom solutions. All fixtures can customize light source depending on project. LED, RGB, E27, Low Voltage PL, etc. Eden Design is a multiple award winning brand with innovative track system, custom led profiles and oversized suspension lamps.



Swiss lighting manufacturer RIBAG is fascinated by light as the fundamental component of architecture. They believe passionately in only offering the best in quality, aesthetics and functionality. This passion makes RIBAG the perfect partner for all aspects of lighting in modern living and working environments.

Perfect light gives rooms more room

RIBAG develops and designs modern and energy efficient, highly functional lights with great innovative vigour. The carefully selected materials and clear design of the products highlight any architecture and bring rooms to life. The lighting experts design and build strikingly impressive solutions coordinated to suit individual needs.



NEXIA is a leading Spanish manufacturer of architectural lighting solutions based on the latest LED technology manufacturing in Barcelona.
They design and manufacture indoor luminaries for retail, offices, hotels, public spaces, residential and special solutions for FOOD and RETAIL lighting
The headquarters of the company founded in 2003 are located in Castellar del Vallès (Barcelona), in a more than 3100m2 area.


Onok Lighting

Onok was founded in 1994 as a high quality lighting components manufacturer. Onok fast became one of the leading companies in the Spanish markets. Onok is specialised in the design, manufacturing and distribution of tecnical lighting for indoor and outdoor use, both in the domestic and exportation markets. 

Quality has always been one of our main objectives, for both our finished products and our customer service. We use top quality components sourced from the best worldwide manufacturers. We work with various laboratories, institutes and universities in the development of our new designs and products.


Aria Lighting

We believe in empowering choice. We provide designers minimalist products with a multitude of options. Pure shapes, clean lines and gentle apertures that deliver precise performance where needed. Imagination comes to light


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